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What is Meta Description?

Meta Description

Welcome to the Ranker Monkey. In this blog, I am going to discuss Meta Description Optimization. What's a better description? What does it look like? and what's its impact on your search engine ranking?

So, welcome to Ranker Monkey. Therefore, let's begin with a brief definition of meta description. Let us perceive what's the meta description? Therefore meta description is an html element that gives a short summary of a web page. Any data which you have got on your web page that particular data. You'll be able to keep a descriptive summary on your search engine result page that's your meta description. A page meta description tag is displayed as a part of your search snippet in the search engine result page and is meant to give the user a concept of the content that exists inside the page and the way it relates to your search query. 

For example, if somebody searches on google. let's suppose if you search on google any particular question for equivalent to your question. you'll be able to get some results and in these results you'll be able to get a meta description. Let me explain to you, how your meta description appears as if? for example, if on google once you merely type online marketing. Let's suppose this is often your keyword here. Once you mention this particular keyword then you'll be able to get a corresponding result that has relevance to your question. in these results here you can see let's suppose this is the result you have. 

Therefore, your title is What is online marketing? Here online marketing may be a set of tools and methodology that is often your meta description. That justifies what is the data within this particular value. Therefore this explicit set of descriptions is understood as meta description. This is the first point of contact. This is the first description which your user learned on the search engine result page about your web page. 

Optimal meta description length

Currently, let's learn about your meta description lag. 

  • Therefore, meta description can technically be any length, but google typically truncates snippets to 155-160 characters. 
  • Therefore, it's best to stay your meta descriptions long enough that they're sufficiently destructive, therefore we suggested that your meta description length between 50 and 160 characters. 
  • Therefore, remember that the “optimal” length can vary depending on the situation, and your primary goal should be to provide value and driver clicks. Therefore it also relies on the side to aspect no matter be the meta description. 

Meta Description Example:

Now, what is the html code for this particular meta description. we have a tendency to have within the head section you have a meta description that is written within the type of meta name that's description content. no matter the description you want to write. you have got to write in the semi columns. this may often show up within the search result and closer to your head tag. Therefore, you'll be able to notice your page matter description inside the head section. Most cms can permit you to move this particular markup and alter your meta description. either directly inside the code or via the meta description field within the page meta description settings. 

Why are meta descriptions important for SEO?

  • The meta description will impact a page click through rate in your google search engine result page. However, we are able to say that on your google search engine result page. you'll be able to see your explicit web site title and information. Meta description is the first descriptive content concerning your web page. Once users examine this particular information. In that case they will get ideas concerning no matter be the knowledge they can notice on your web page. 
  • These are the webmasters' chance to “advertised” content to the searchers, because searchers will check out this particular content. then they will make in mind that when clicking this particular website. they will notice the content that has relevance to the present particular description. 

  • That the searchers' chances to make a decision whether or not the content is likely to be relevant to their search query and contain the knowledge they are seeking.

  • Therefore, meta descriptions have an indirect impact on search ranking. It's not a direct impact however indirectly it is useful however it is useful. 

  • They considerably impact users behavior, therefore that is why we are able to think about meta description as an additional one amongst the important issues of your home page SEO. So, you need to optimize your meta description alongside your title optimization.

Meta Description in Social Shares

Currently, the meta description in the social show.

Social sharing like your Facebook commonly uses a page meta description tag because the description that appears when the page is shared on the site. Therefore, without the meta description tag, social sharing web sites may use the first text they can notice. That's the first text they will notice so that they can only use that individual content. If you're not mistreating your meta description. 

How do I write a good meta description?

Currently, these squares measure some steps. That we've got to follow if we wish to optimize our meta description.

  1. Incorporate collecting and the copy of your description 
  2. Avoid duplicating meta description 
  3. Avoid double quotation marks in your description 
  4. Avoid Auto generated description 
  5. Don't write descriptions that haven't any relation to the content of the page. 
  6. Meta description should be informative and interesting 
  7. A good description summarize your page content 
  8. Include keyword in description 
  9. Give users reason to go to your website(add product features & benefits)
  10. You want your description be stand out not be the same as your competitor
  11. users are always looking for up-to date information 

Types of Meta Description?

Meta Description

Currently, as we have a tendency to perceive what's a meta description? and what square measures the methods to optimize your meta description? Currently  we've got different types of meta descriptions. 

1. Clarity focused meta description: In that case your meta description should be clear must be clear to your audience 

2. Unique selling price focused:  and what's a unique damage you've got that's get free shipping and returns this is often a unique damage 24x7 client services twelve months come back policy that's your usb. Therefore, just in case of usb focus meta description we've to focus on our usb.

3. Question focus: just to attract our visitors we will conjointly take this specific strategy that's your question centered meta description in that case we will merely raise questions to our users who are fascinated by learning more regarding SEO in 2019. Therefore here are the key trends you would like to follow to boost your search optimization skills. Therefore by using this specific style of question you can conjointly produce your meta description.

4. Purpose focused: in case of purpose centered we've to say purpose like with each product you purchase toms can facilitate an individual in would like by this fashion you'll be able to also produce meta description. 

5. Call to action focused: as an example of any action you would like that individuals ought to do on your specific webpage. therefore you'll be able to also mention that individual decision to action in your meta description. 

6. Offer focused: in this case as its name shows supply centered. no matter what the offer you are giving to your users. you can mention it in your matter description in order that folks can attract that and visit your web site to avail that particular supply. 

7. Power words focused:  like free recommendation, career recommendation, expert recommendation these areas unit the powerful words. that you'll be able to use in your meta description to attract your users. 

8. Special characters focused: simply to make your meta description fascinating you can conjointly add some special characters. like the checkbooks  that we tend to use in our particular meta description.

9. Solution focused: just in case of solution centered. We've to write down one question. whatever with an issue you're thinking that your users need to understand. at the moment you have to mention that individual answer. After reading that individual answer it makes users aware that in this particular web page they will grab their solution, and that is why they click on your website and that they visit on their website to locate that individual answer. 


So, this is all about Meta Description by Ranker Monkey. What is a meta description?. Why are meta descriptions important? Types of meta description. You like this blog please write-down the comment section and please share this blog. If you have any quarry regarding blog please mention below.