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Why is Blogging Important for Business?

why blogging is important for business.

Welcome to the Ranker Monkey. We will discuss blogging is important for business. So, a couple things come to mind when I think about blogging as a therapist and private practice. So number one I'm going to start blogging as with all things in your business please know why you're doing something before you do it? or before you continue doing it. So, even if it's something that you maybe started doing or you started doing when you first launched your practice doesn't necessarily mean that you should keep doing it. So it might be a good chance today to sit down to think about blogging something that I want to continue to commit to my practice, and am I really getting what I should be getting out of it. So, when you're thinking about why blogging there's a couple of reasons right. 

Number one could be to engage with your audience, and to educate your audience, and kind of build rapport with people that way. The other obvious one is SEO which I'm not going to go too much into because it would be a can of worms but certainly blogging can help your SEO when done well. In general I want you to first think about whether anyone is actually reading your blog and if so how do you know? The easiest way to answer this question is if you have Google Analytics set up on your website. Go to your analytics, look at the traffic to your blog posts and see if there's actually anyone out there reading. 

So, for a lot of things the first answer is probably gonna be no, a lot of people might not be reading your blog and you might be kind of devastated by that. Because, I think when a lot of clients find us. Sure they could skim your blog section and they might read a post or something it could help them and it could help you and increase that rapport with them or it could be one of those things where clients go to your website they read your homepage and your about page and then they call and your blog doesn't do a whole lot for them in terms of building the building that trust and rapport with them. 

So, just just think about and look a bit into how much traffic is my blog actually getting. If I'm getting some traffic, are there people reading it's our particular post that's super popular, or a particular kind of post that's more popular than others, and you might use that as a way to kind of inspire additional content. You also want to think about doing other stuff to help your SEO. So just blogging with no real strategy isn't necessarily going to do anything for your SEO. So please know that going into it just because you started a website and then started blogging about whatever you wanted by no means does that mean that you will necessarily see any good traction with your SEO as a result.

So, we have to find why blogging you're making a decision here. As to whether blogging is something you want to keep doing. Keeping them on that you can also choose to do other kinds of content like a podcast or video series etc. So blogging is just one kind of content that you might choose to use to promote your practice.

Number two so let's say you've decided you are gonna blog and if you are gonna vlog obviously please do it consistently. So whether that's once a week or once a month do it consistently. So that the people who are reading can actually grow to expect it and trust that they're going to keep getting some good content from you on a regular basis. number two so if you've decided you're gonna blog then we want to spend a little bit of time defining your audience. So who are you actually writing to? If you work with a lot of kids then you're probably writing to their parents. The parents are the ones who want the information, who are making the decision about choosing you as a therapist. 

So, you're going to gear your blog posts toward being helpful to those parents. Parents might be your audience. If you see a lot of young adults like we do in my group practice. You might gear a lot of your blog posts around things that young adults might struggle with like social media addiction or fear of missing out or whatever it is. So I think it's important to start by defining your audience to know who you're talking to before you just start writing.

why blogging is important for business.

Number three identifies questions that your audience commonly asks. This is the same tactic we use for creating a lead magnet email marketing but if you're getting stuck on topics just think of some questions your audience commonly asks. So if it's a parent you know ways to have your kids you know engage better during dinner conversations or something like that you might write a blog post about that, or how to you know keep your child busy and healthy during the summer something like that. So I would just spend time brainstorming your topics first, create a list of those topics and they can all tie back into questions that you feel like your audience commonly has and just go from there.

Number four creates this skeleton of the blog post using clear headlines and bulleted lists so that kind of pop psychology feel of a blog post is actually a really strong way to write. People are more likely to skim than they are to read every single word. So certainly bulleted lists that are very swimmable are going to be advantageous as opposed to really thick large paragraphs.

Number five includes a very clear call to action so if you're going to blog then at the end of that blog post please tell them what you want them to do next. whether it's to read another blog post or to download this PDF to get on your email list or more likely to pick up the phone and call. So if it's a blog posts about eating disorders your call to action might be you know call for a free consultation to see if we're the right people to help you with what you're struggling with. something like that but but by all means it's not enough to just deliver the content you want to make sure that pretty much every page on your website ends in a clear call to action alright.

Number six and this is kind of a Productivity tip batch you're writing and you're writing and publishing and spend no more than about 30 minutes per post. Your posts should generally be at least 500 words and you should have some that are closer to a thousand words. Those might take a little more than 30 minutes but again. If you're spending more than 30 minutes on a 500 word blog post you probably shouldn't be blogging right. I think you should probably either outsource or have some of your practice to it or again just choose to do a different kind of content right. 

That is entirely fine as well but again batch it together so sit down and do all this stuff maybe once a month you can write your four posts. You can you know find the blog images for the posts etc., and you can schedule them out to post you know every Tuesday this month. I can't tell you how good this feels to get that stuff out of the way. It's the way that I work the way that I put out most of my content including my videos, my podcasts, etc. So when you do that it really clears room to do a lot of other important stuff for your business that only you can do. So by all means batch your content as much as humanly possible.

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