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What is Content Marketing?

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Welcome to the Ranker Monkey. In this blog, I am going to discuss content marketing. What is content Marketing? Why do we use content marketing? What is the life cycle of content marketing? And what is a content marketing Funnel? What is the checklist, tools and resources of doing content marketing?  

So, let's begin with a quick definition on Content Marketing. First of all the question we've is what's content marketing? Thus, content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to interest, acquire and interact with a clearly outlined targeted audience with the target of driving profitable client action. So what's content marketing in content marketing, we are able to produce and distribute that valuable content. and what is the aim we've for content selling? Currently, we would like to acquire and interact with our targeted audience, Just to drive profitable client action. Thus essentially, this is often content marketing.

Why are we doing content Marketing?

Now, why do we do content marketing? Content Marketing generates over 3 times as many leads as ancient advertising methodology. How are we able to say that? As a result of tradition we tend to not bother concerning content marketing. However in today's world here the content is that of the king. Content is the only issue that our targeted audience focuses on. If your content is eye catchy then definitely. You'll be able to attract your audiences with the assistance of your content marketing. 

Content Marketing Benefits:

Content Marketing

Now, we've some benefits here. 

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness with the help of content selling we are able to do brand awareness. We are able to produce content as effectively with the assistance of email marketing. We are able to style as engaging images, as will we can style as attractive models during this template. We tend to produce content that attracts our customers.

Competitive Advantage: If your content is having smart quality higher than your competitor. then positively you may get good quality smart competitive advantage.

Media Visibility: Media visibility with the help of content marketing. you'll be able to improve your media visibility. 

Leads & Conversion: With the help of content marketing, it helps us to get leads and conversions. Because, if we've awfully engaging content on our website. Then this may attract our targeted audience and if our targeted audience attracts with our content then positively it'll facilitate lead generation and doing conversions. 

Client Engagement: Thus, with the help of content marketing. We are able to get more consumer engagement.

Website Traffic: We are able to get more website traffic with the assistance of content marketing. Thus, these are some benefits here. 

Life Cycle of Content Marketing

Currently, we have a life cycle of content marketing. If you want to do content marketing. In that case you've got to arrange your structure. 

Content Marketing


First we have to do planning. In the case of planning, we understand how to create your content with a lot of distinctiveness. What are the ways in which to form it distinctive? for example if you've got a straightforward four line paragraph. Currently, if you wish to make it engaging then you'll be able to let's take an associate example, Thus you'll be able to take help of the pictures here, you'll be able to take help of the banner here, simply to explain your image. Thus, first is coming up with planning. We have to grasp a way to create a lot of distinctive content. 


In case of  producing optimizing content as you create. In that first you've got to form your content, you have to form it distinctive and once create your content. Currently you've got to do optimization of your content.


After doing optimization currently we've to do promotion. Currently we've to try and do promotion knowing once however and wherever to publish content. You'll be able to promote your content. You can take advantage of your social media marketing, you'll be able to take advantage of your off page backlinks, you can take advantage of the link building activities for promoting your backlinks, you'll be able to take advantage of the google advertisements moreover simply to push your content. okay once doing promotion now once the traffic is coming back to your website with the assistance of content marketing.


You've got to analyze your result. here you've got to grasp your result like. what you've got to enhance? What are the items you've got to figure on? Thus you've got to investigate those things. 


Our final step is amplification. Just in case of amplification we've to understand what content to amplify to optimize your app right. like what content is best for you? What content provides you a lot of results? and a lot of website traffic? Thus, you've got to amplify to optimize your high roi. So, this is often the life cycle of content marketing.

Content Marketing Funnel:

Now, let's discuss the content marketing funnel. Just like your selling funnel we tend to conjointly have our content marketing funnel. In this funnel we'll learn the type of goal you've got to arrange that type of content. If I am writing in spoken language content writing. This content writing doesn't suggest that you have to be compelled to merely write your article or a letter in a straightforward text type. In your content we've a distinct sort of contents. Content is within the style of eBook, blogs, podcast, advertisement, pictures, videos. These all are the kinds of content like case studies, emails these all are style of content. Currently with the help of content marketing funnel we tend to get a plan like that form of goal you have to come to a decision about which sort of content. 


So in our promoting funnel our initial stage is the awareness stage. In the awareness stage our goal is how does one produce whole awareness? For creation of name awareness here we are able to use the content which will be your blog. You can write a diary to draw in your audiences. You'll be able to take advantage of your social media content. You'll be able to take advantage of podcasts. So these 3 content varieties are essential for whole awareness. 


Next stage we've got is interest. In interest we've got to understand however does one plan to acquire potential purchasers? We have a tendency to simply need to draw in our consumer in our website for this we are able to produce content like eBooks, show ads. Thus this is the content that is useful to gather interest in your potential clients.


Next stage we've got is the consideration stage. In this stage we've got to outline what role do you play to get users to contemplate you? like what sort of contact content you are making so folks contemplate you? Here we are able to produce case studies, we can causation sales email, simply to create your users to contemplate you.


Next stage we've got is the revenue stage. In your revenue stage you have got to understand how users are working on their interest and thoughts? in this you have got to require a call by currently this decision to action button you have to use just in case of revenue. 


Next stage we've got may be a retention stage. In the retention stage you have got to know how one will do sports retention? In this case we are able to take advantage of the useful articles, product tutorials. That may facilitate United States heaps in your retention stage. So, this can be your content marketing funnel.

Checklist for Content Marketing

Currently, we've got a checklist. If you want to make sensible content marketing? if you would like to make a decent content for your web site? Then you have got to take care of this following checklist. 

1.Document your goal: Our first checklist is to document your goal. First of all you have got to document what your goal is? What's your business goal? What's your marketing goal? Then you have got to identify your ideal client and develop the buyer's persona. 

2.Identify your ideal customer: You'll be able to produce consumers personal with the assistance of 1 of the tools that's HubSpot. You'll be able to take help of the HubSpot. You'll be able to produce your buyer's persona there and you have got to select your ideal client.

3.Decision what conversation: and topics you would like to possess like what are the topics you would like to choose?

4.Calendar And Map: You have to develop an article calendar and map content throughout the funnel.

5. Produce a big Rock: We've got turn out just in case of turn out you have to supply a giant rock then drizzle it into tiny folks what's all that if i am locution massive rock massive rock means your massive topic concepts your massive topic plan to Illustrate if i am saying digital promoting so digital promoting may be a massive rock and if i am locution seo, sem, content writing, email writing what are these? These are the small peoples of this massive rock thus this is referred to as your massive rock and pimple theory. So, you have got to supply this massive rock and then drizzle it into tiny folks.

6. Publish to the LinkedIn: We've got revealed to the LinkedIn company and showcase pages.

7. don't forget visual content: If i am saying visual content, visual content means you have to use pictures and video content in your web site. As a result of simply creating your website, engaging this is vital half if you'll be able to use your visual content, visual content can attract a lot of and a lot of clients and give you higher results.

8. Have got to amplify your reach: With LinkedIn sponsored content, influencers program and increasing workers to share in case of amplifying your search with the LinkedIn. you have got to figure with the LinkedIn sponsors contact. here okay you'll be able to do this otherwise you may also skip this step.

9. Measure your result: And tweak your content for max impact currently when writing your article you want to need to do proofreading of your content. like is there any grammatical error or not or is there any punctuation error or not you have to pay attention of that and at the top you have to live the result like what are the traffic {you are | you're} of age this particular content?, what's the performance of this specific content?, what the user behavior for this particular content?. You have got to require care of those activities.

Tools and Resources:

Research Tool:

Currently I am just aiming to discuss some tools and the resources that are utilized in content promoting. Thus these tools and resources are for your analysis tool you have to take facilitation of ubersuggest for your keyword analysis for buzzsumo this is one in every of the tool you'll be able to pay attention with your analysis half.


next we've got Canva we are able to use Canva for writing for making your pictures banners. In this case you'll be able to use Canva PicMonkey, Quick, Repix. We have a tendency to even have one of the tools that's poster on my wall. You can use that.

Video Maker:

Video makers you'll be able to use Wideo, you can use Animoto, WeVideo. you'll be able to use these tools.


You're making infographics you have got to use Piktochart, easel.ly, visual.ly.

Slide Content:

For slide content you'll be able to use Canva, Haiku Deck, Prezi. Thus these are a number of the tools you'll be able to use to make your content, create your image half produced. your video part or any reasonably infographic content you would like to make for your web site. you can take it with the assistance of those tools.


So, this is all about content marketing. What is content marketing? Why are we doing content marketing? Its benefits, Life cycle of content marketing, content marketing funnel, checklist of content marketing. You like this blog please write-down the comment section and please share this blog. If you have any quarry regarding blog please mention below.