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SEO and PPC working together

Welcome back to Ranker Monkey and we're going to be discussing the role of SEO and PPC working together and how they can work together in a happy life. Now search is just one of them, how important is still for businesses and as a blog to attract new customers? I would say that the role of search it's key when said in a digital marketing mix search engines are really a funnel for Internet traffic and which makes it an obvious place to be. 

I think that every company should have a search engine optimization plan and an app search strategy in their digital plans and there are many many reasons why search engine marketing is so important for businesses. You need to think that 94% of online experiences start with a search, and that about 65 almost percent of people that click on a Google ad they have an intention to make an online acquisition, and that the first and the second position in the search engine results page gets the highest number of clicks. 

So, taking all this into account it will be a great mistake to miss this blog. You've got an audience that is looking for something.

  • There's  two sides to search organic and paid search, how do you compare both in terms of importance? 

  • How do you determine a business? 

  • Which one should you focus more on?  

Both of them are necessary and not only that I do think that both of them complement each other and they benefit each other. I would say that if you want to have a right digital it makes you should include them both in your plans. 

In organic search which is SEO will provide you with credibility and trust and evergreen research results and on the other side with paid search tactics. You can get on top of the page position that will provide you with highly high conversions, and greater visibility. So I would say that both of them can be combined perfectly in your plans. 

SEO and PPC Strategy:

Many businesses they will have a team that looks after the SEO and then a team that looks after the PPC and often those don't really cross over that much. So, What are the benefits? and why should businesses know those teams work better together and align the strategy more?. 

Well like in  many companies also NSEP is here on PPC teams. They are different teams, They have a different budget, They have different KPIs, so we do really believe that aligning them both in our plans it's really key, and for that reason at ACP. We recently launched our pilot to get an alignment among both tactics and it resulted in a lot of great benefits. So this is our approach in 2017 to keep on working together. 

seo and ppc working together, what is seo and ppc in marketiing,  relationship between seo and ppc, seo and ppc benefits, Ranker Monkey best digital marketing company in India, Ranker Monkey Best for SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Web designing and more

What are the benefits of SEO and PPC?

What are some of those benefits and amendments? What are the big things? really were good so the list of benefits is huge. I'm just going to go through some of them so first of all we really think that we better control our exposure there. We have greater visibility and also eating we had the highest click-through rate in both SEO and organic and paid. The second thing was it had to be with a line in our messages. So we used to have different approaches. 

You know when it comes to destination URLs and messages in our copy apps. So we aligned our messages much better. We also understood which were highly converted. There were some terms that we could as well include in our page searches strategy and we said some different strategies. Also when it comes to really expensive sir search terms that could be you know mainly covered through SEO plans and the list is huge. But the great thing out of that is that our efforts resulted in having a more effective communication plan to our different teams internally and also externally. So we really think it's beneficial.

seo and ppc working together, what is seo and ppc in marketiing,  relationship between seo and ppc, seo and ppc benefits, Ranker Monkey best digital marketing company in India, Ranker Monkey Best for SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Web designing and more

Obviously, there are some elements were example you know very high cost keywords that it doesn't make sense to bid on all the time but if you make sure that you understand that and get that through SEO you can really get save a lot of money as well as be more efficient with you message exactly and did a pilot and I know obviously.

SAP(System, Application and Product) is active in a lot of different markets so was this something you tried in one or two different countries and with a plan to try it further afield?

So, we launched a pilot in a few countries in the region and right now we are extending the pilot to all countries and to all different campaigns. We're just in the middle of driving this and implementing this. So when it comes to implementing the pilot we learn some different steps on how to structure this implementation project and we differentiated into three main phases. 

1. Implementation was the alignment phase: That we call it away and it had to be with not only a line in agency study most of the cases are you know differ different agencies that drivers here on people team. But also aligning KPI sub matrix and aligning the content creating a content mapping document.  These phases we took it from a holistic point of view and for the sake of the customer journey and aiming to provide a better experience. Today to the prospect and the customers. 

2. Execution of phase itself which is executing.

3. The monitoring and optimization: It is there after analyzing the results of the performance of the project. We took a strategic decision about what the approach would be and for the future. It has been really interesting  and we're really happy that we drove this pilot and we're looking forward to extending it to the rest of the campaigns and countries. 

when you are going to roll it out to other countries obviously there are differences between markets and different again. you'll be working with more agencies perhaps.

What are the key things to be aware of for a business trying to roll out aligned SEO and PPC campaigns on an international level?

What are the key things to be aware of if for a business trying to do things like this on an international level. Ronnie now rolling out search in search campaigns in an international environment is quite challenging. There are many many challenges but just to pick one out of all of them. 

The most complex at least in our region it's the localization and translation and face. Localization and translation make the difference because it doesn't we don't translate everything that we need to localize to adapt to the local needs. So their  enemy is the region where I work. We have a high complexity of number of countries plus 25 and then number of languages and driving localization and translation to all these countries campaigns any page's keywords and it's a challenge this year we have set up a very detailed process.

An effective communication plan to make sure everyone understood where we were and how to coordinate that we're working with the web . By the way, getting these plans running is going pretty smoothly and we're very happy about that. I know we got it there but again it's another point there that it's about planning it's about making sure that you have it all in place and that you've got detailed guidelines for each market so they know what they should do.

Can you compare KPIs between countries or do you have to look at each country individually?

When it comes to kind of monitoring it across countries because again with the KPIs I guess it will be different for each country depending on you know volume there and other other factors. So, we compare really between countries or do you really have to look at each one as an individual. Well we look at them each one as individuals obviously. But we kind of see different trends depending on the maturity of the market as well. The maturity as well of the solution that we are promoting and there are many many different ways and it's a good point because you cannot always compare them. 

You know how things happen in one country. The other search volumes are also different, like to know these countries do have a very low search volume. So we need to cut out all these kinds of trends and understand the singularity of each country because culturally there are differences and their behaviors as well. So you can have a kind of overall process and some global guidelines but that everything has to be really tailored. 


I hope you guys know all about SEO and PPC working Together. Why is it working together, its benefits, and it is used at all international levels. If you like this blog please write-down comment section and please share this blog. If you have any quarry regarding blog please mention below.