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           You have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or in other terms search engine optimization but, have you ever tried to understand exactly the mechanism behind the Search Engine Optimization and how does SEO work?  I know there is a misconception in the market that people are thinking that SEO means ranking a website in the search engine. Is it true or not ? In order to understand SEO(Search Engine Optimization) you have to understand three important mechanisms or I should say three important components of search engine optimization. So let’s learn What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Optimization meaning).

   What is SEO?

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

       Whenever you are coming to the google search bar and then you type something,  What is SEO, so what is SEO is known as a keyword or could be a query, which users are typing in the search engine and that's why this is known as a search engine query, so the most important part for any search engine user has to type some sort of a query. Once you type the query then you will hit the search button, that all the results which are displayed in top 10 will be known as SERP that means search engine ranking pages but the important part is why this page is ranking at number one and that one is number two similarly.  

      You have many results so each and every page has received some sort of a ranking in the search engine and that people get confused and they are thinking, we have to do SEO work in order to rank our website. Is this true or not? so the answer is a little bit contradictory and that's what I'm going to explain here you got an idea.

   There are three components which will be involved in SEO end to end, so what is that so the first one is your search engine query, whatever the query you are typing so definitely. you should have something or some place where exactly you are typing your query, so once you type the query the search engine will display those results, so the search engine will display those results starting from position one to thousands or millions of pages. Now let’s know Importance of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

    Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

        Why do we need SEO? I'm sure that you can get what is SEO so why do we need this? Why is it important in digital marketing? All questions have the same answer and that is we need SEO to rank sites in google first page. Just because we can sell our product or service to clients. Get more traffic on our site. Get more sales on our site. Help of SEO we can get online leads that help us to sell our product or service and also more traffic.

                Today  every business needs a website to sell their product or  service. But in the market already many sites and competitors are there. So how can clients or viewers come to our site? so we need SEO to rank our site first on our competitor and get results. Now let's know how SEO works?

·      How does SEO work?/

·  How does Search Engine Optimization work?/

.  How does SEO work In Digital Marketing?/

.  How does SEO work Step by Step?

What is SEO ranker  monkey, How does  SEO work Ranker Monkey, What is SEO How it's Works Ranker monkey, Seo types, What are the four types of SEO ranker monkey, What is Search engine optimization ranker monkey, what it mean SEO ranker Monkey, What is SEO in GOOGLE ranker monkey, SEO full Form, SEO course, SEO services Ranker Monkey, SEO ranking Ranker Monkey.

       How does SEO work? How can the positioning of these pages be decided? So that SEO works in two important parts which play the role out of them: the one is a search engine crawler and second one is its indexing mechanism, so the first important thing which will decide, where exactly your page is ranking is the search engine crawler. You can imagine a search engine crawler as a bot which is something which actually visits your website, so now what happens is this particular bot will come to your website, whenever you will publish your content and that bot will try to download all the files of your website.

You know what you think if this is your website then do you think your website will be read by searching trawler in this way, no they are actually visiting your website into this html or java or CSS code. So what happens is that a trawler will come to your website and then after it will download all this file whatever the JavaScript file, html5 all the files will be downloaded and once those files will be downloaded that crowder will pass those files to its indexer. Indexer basically will render your website and will try to understand exactly the content you have written and what exactly the keywords you have used. Almost everything will be done by this indexer.

Then after  once it will when once all the files will be passed to your indexer this crawler this particular crawler where it will go it will go through all the links and will try to traverse the another website, in this way guys the job of the crawler is to visit a site, download all the files, pass those files to the indexer and then after it will find out to this particular link and will go to that page and does the same job so that is the job of a crowder to visit multiple sites, fetch the detail and deliver it to indexer.

Now, whenever that file will receive back, whenever that file will be received by the indexer. Indexer trying to understand where exactly and what exactly this particular content is about and based on that. Your website for a particular keyword will be given a particular ranking into the database.  So, what happens is if they find your content is about what is SEO?/ How does SEO work and you can see particular content is all about what is SEO?/How does SEO work and once the crawler has visited and that information has been passed to the indexer.

       The indexer has analyzed and given this particular site a position number one into its database and that's why you can see when you type what is SEO?/ How does SEO work you can see number one and this particular page has gained number two and based on the particular page is visible here as at number two. So this is the way it exactly works now the important part is basically how these pages keep ranking. Is there any factor? Then yes,  there are more than 200 various factors based on the indexer that will give a rank to your pages and your pages will be ranked in the search engine. It is enough for- how does SEO work.

Types of SEO

Types of Search Engine Optimization:

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    1. On Page SEO:        

        So this relates to the content that is on your website so it includes strategies to help optimize individual pages and on a site to help search engines understand the topic of the page. so this will include activities such as um you know making sure you've got correct h1 tags um you've got alt text on your images uh your you know your your pages are optimized for keywords stuff like that so if you've seen those sort of activities in your marketing plan that's what they have to achieve it's that on-page SEO tasks.

    2. Off-Page SEO:

        So these techniques help to strengthen the influence and relationship your website has with other websites so this includes strategies to build the website's authority credibility and reputation so and this will include backlink activity so getting links and from really really relevant and um high high authority websites thinking through to your website and that helps to kind of show you know Google's eyes if you've got a really affordable website that's really relevant to your industry and they're linking to you it increases your credibility next up is international seo so this is when your website and you need to basically optimize it so the search engines can identify which countries you serve and want to target and which languages your you use for business so this really only applies to kind of multinational global companies where you serve you know different in different countries and languages and there's different sort of activities that you need to do to cater for that really.

    3. Technical SEO:

So this relates to non-content elements of your website so it involves improving the foundations of your website uh this back-end structure and ensuring that the site is readable so it's basically fixing and reviewing any technical issues that can prevent google from crawling your website and reading the information that's on there.

    4. Local SEO:        

        So local seo techniques involve optimizing your website to attract more business from relevant local searches so this is a highly relevant activity for smaller businesses that cater to the local area so you can really you can see some significant gains from certain activity such as um directory citations so if you're you know I've mentioned this example before but if you're a local plumber in Canterbury and you're updating all the kind of local directories in your area with your the correct address details phone number details and website URL that can really help strengthen um your ranking position for those local terms.

How can I learn SEO

How can I learn Search Engine Optimization?

The main factors of learning SEO are given below. Follow the steps for learning.

  • learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization) fundamentals

  • Put your knowledge into practice

  • Learn something? if not then deep your knowledge

  • consider teaching with others



       So at the end if I would summarize, What is SEO?/ How does SEO work then seo is not all about ranking your pages in the search engine but, seo is all about helping search engine crawlers to understand your content. so never ever relate your seo with search engine ranking. If somebody's telling you i will do an seo so your website will keep ranking that is little bit if you will talk it about theoretically that is perfect but technically that is not the mean because seo is something you are optimizing your content, so that whenever the crawler will visit, whenever the indexer will try to understand your content. It will be easier for them and based on that they can judge your content. They can place up ranking in the search engine.      

   So, I hope you got a good idea, what is seo? How does SEO work? What are the components involved in seo? and the simple means SEO is not all about ranking the pages it is more about helping the search engine crawler to understand your content quality or what exactly they contain all about.